Black and Sigi was born from the idea create beautiful and inspiring handmade pieces of jewellery that could be worn by every woman so she can express her inner confidence and beauty.

Sparkling, statement, costume or precious, jewellery has the power to be a true icon. Meaning so much, in so many different ways, see why the modern BAS Human is wearing jewellery…

Adorning ourselves with treasures is nothing new, cavemen decorated themselves with bones and feathers and the Egyptians valued shiny metals and stones. Historically it’s has been worn to show wealth and given to attract mates, and sure, a big ole diamond on the ring finger may still draw a gasp of excitement, but as independent women we got to thinking why we wear jewellery today, and here are our BAS musings on the contents of a modern gal’s jewellery box:

First of all there are the celebratory jewels such as the engagement or wedding rings, but we often collect other treasures that mark a special occasion. Who hasn’t splashed out on a reward after a promotion, treating themselves to a pair of earrings, or continued to cherish a simple holiday souvenir shell necklace bought in a happy place?

Holiday Stacks with diamante bracelet bought in Italy!

Sometimes the memory attached is more valuable than the piece its self, which is often the case with inherited and gifted treasures. Jewels passed down through the family or bought for us by loved ones and worn for sentimental reasons often bring comfort or strength, and we think there’s something special in wearing a beloved grandmother’s necklace alongside a modern day purchase, creating new memories for a vintage piece. Not dissimilar to the concept of our BAS Revival collections that re-imagines old items resulting in new gems for future generations to enjoy.

Teeny and Clio choosing jewellery for Clio’s wedding – Necklaces were a selection from H&M and mother in law costume jewellery which she had given to me.

BAS Revival

BAS Revival Charm necklace made for a BAS Human from all donated jewels from their family. Amalgamated into one charm necklace with each charm telling a story from each member of the family.

Then there are the confidence-boosting statement pieces which help spruce up a plain LBD or add a touch of personal style to a uniform-type work outfit. Empowering yourself with a favoured piece of jewellery can do wonders for your confidence…..in the same way that some feel better with a dash of lipstick and a squirt of perfume, we at BAS never underestimate the transformative powers of a good pair of earrings. See for yourself here.

Statement Earrings from BAS Christmas Party Shoot.

Of course there’s the fashion element of your accessorising to consider and choosing an on-trend piece can be a fun way to update a look. Though obviously we aren’t advocating throwaway fashion, no no, no, we know our BAS humans are savvy consumers, buying pieces they will love for years (….or getting us to re-imagine the jewels should you ever fancy a change!).

Wearing leopard and New statement Bobby Earrings.

And there’s self expressive sartorial choices used to demonstrate your affiliations and beliefs via your jewellery, be that a group badge, a religious necklace or even the positions of your body piercings, all can denote a standpoint or attitude.

Finally let’s consider the symbolic and holistic qualities of the choice of materials; after all it’s not all about the sparkling aesthetic, many wear pieces to benefit holistically from the healing qualities of natural treasures.

For years people have worn copper bracelets in a bid to reduce pain in join inflammation, believing the body absorbs properties emitted from the metal. And some take great comfort from the power of certain crystals, wearing them close to their skin to connect to the vibrational energy qualities…..definitely an element we have been exploring recently with our many crystal pieces and workshops.

Charging smoky quartz and moonstone crystals at our super popular New Moon Bangle making workshops.

So how many points resonated with you? Having pondered all the different reasons and ways we adorn ourselves, we at BAS reckon the most common deciding consideration is the feel good factor; with people wearing jewels and trinkets to uplift themselves, which is possibly the best motive of all!