BAS World


Clio and Athena are sisters, born in Genova, Italy and raised in Leigh on Sea, Essex. Named after characters in Greek mythology, their inspirations are drawn from their heritage and names sake, given to them by their late father, cherishing the memories with him through their classic collection.

Black is being their mothers maiden name and Sigi, the nickname given to their father taken from their surname Sigismondi. Their whole ethos is interlocked in their roots and family, and continues to be a big part of the company today. BAS is about community and support, and like the supportive family they come from, the BAS human campaign is an extension of this ethos – identifying the strong and supportive characters in your life through the jewellery they wear.


The sisters started on very separate paths before joining forces on Black & Sigi. Both following careers in Shipping and Hospitality before launching their jewellery brand in 2015 online and in their first boutique in their home town of Leigh on Sea. A partnership that was predicted 20 years prior by a clairvoyant…. BAS was truly written in the stars.

The sisters have taken the age old jewellery technique of wire wrapping and modernised it. Making it accessible to all, without compromising their style and design. They are self-taught in the trade, and are constantly learning and finding new and interesting ways to use the technique.


As with most small business, a creative idea and concept for the business was formed around the kitchen table. Now it’s boasting over 40 stockists around the UK and Europe, amazing collaborations, and a small team of 4 people. It’s been an incredible journey made possible by our loving and supporting customers and community, especially in their home town.


Inspired by colour and shape, the sisters take inspiration from all around them, and revel in the imperfect beauty that working with wire and natural stones creates. The organic progress means that each piece is absolutely unique to the wearer.

Working with plated copper wires, the designs allow for a show stopping and unique pieces of jewellery at affordable prices. We make modern jewellery made for every woman.

Our classic collection, The Immortals,  explores the different characters in mythology and inspires the modern day women of today. Using only our wires in this collections, we let the designs do the talking through shape and design.