Our Pledge

Our design

Always Handmade

In a world of full of options, we want to be able to stand out and make a difference. Not only through our designs, but also with the ways we live and manage the world of BAS.


We started off by handmaking all our products in the UK and we intend to keep it that way. Our corner of the globe has given birth to many creative people and we want to embrace our talents, keeping it homegrown.

Our ethos

Always supportive

By creating a thriving hub that is local, we feel not only it will improve the quality of the design but it will always remain where it all began. We work closely with suppliers that are based close to us as possible, helping our community while also reducing in some way our impact on the environment. From our black gold embosses jewellery boxes to our business cards, we keep quality and attention to detail, without compromising our support.

Our values

Always Caring

It is our goal to create a company that is free from plastic by 2019. Changes are steadily being made to be mindful when we are choosing suppliers, and we will always recycle everything that we can. From reusing packaging that we have received, changing postage envelopes to utilising as much of our off-cuts of wire in new designs. Small changes that we hope will make a difference.


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