Black and Sigi was born from the idea create beautiful and inspiring handmade pieces of jewellery that could be worn by every woman so she can express her inner confidence and beauty.

’Tis the season to buy some presents, and this year we at BAS are doing things a little differently.

Goes without saying we are big supporters of shopping from small independent brands, and our conscious efforts to re-use and up-cycle have shaped our gift ideas, so having been inspired by several articles on the ethical ways of gifting we thought we’d share some of the ways you can give BAS this Christmas and thought we might inspire you to think outside the gift wrapped box too.


If, like us, you have family in far-flung places, spending time together is a pretty special in its self. This year team BAS have decided to gift ourselves the pleasure of experiencing a magical Christmas activity as a family. We are really excited about the idea of making memories that we can all, young and old, treasure for years to come. For us time spent doing something together is definitely time, and money, well spent, which leads nicely on to our next suggestion……


Now as a creative duo the idea of making a gift for a loved one really appeals to us; imagine the joy of receiving a unique handmade goodie, carefully crafted by a loved one. In fact we can’t champion this idea enough as it totally embodies what we at BAS are all about. Time and time again we see friends and relatives enjoying the creative experience of our workshops; it’s a bit of a win-win really, the gift of time with a bestie and the experience of actually making your own jewellery!


For the eco-conscious fashionista who loves searching for second-hand finds at vintage markets or on eBay, may we suggest an up-cycled bespoke treasure? Because each BAS Revival piece is made by hand we can incorporate charms with special significance for the person you are gifting, delighting with beautiful re-used jewels specifically selected from our stash of donated gems.




And what about the concept of giving something that will become a memento of Christmas its self? This December we’ve been inspired by the counting down to Christmas and have created an advent charm bracelet whereby a gem is added over the 12 Days of Christmas in a piece of jewellery for party season and beyond. We also love the idea that this bracelet could be used to celebrate advent year after year, maybe even passed down through the generations like a tradition.


So there you have it, the BAS guide to giving this Christmas, have we inspired you to think a little differently?


Love C & A