Black and Sigi was born from the idea create beautiful and inspiring handmade pieces of jewellery that could be worn by every woman so she can express her inner confidence and beauty.

The idea of the New Moon Bangle workshop came about by a random conversation post ring buying sesh with Ella. As she left the studio, she said ‘ We should definitely work together in someway, lets keep in touch’, and as the door closed it dawned on us, what a perfect partnership we all made.

We have to admit, we don’t put enough emphasis on the crystal meanings of the stones we use, we are new at that and are learning each day ( Lots to come though!). However, put together the knowledge of the ladies from Soulful Hearts, and the creative methods of BAS , and together you have a cosmic spirituality to rival that of the Big Bang. Ok, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but its been a mega hit in Leigh on Sea at least with sell out events within 5 hours.

We are sure the idea of a New Moon Bangle and Pizza workshop sounds a load of hippy dippy sh*t . We have had people tell us that it wouldn’t be for them, and maybe you are right. You need to come into it with an open mind and let yourself envelop in the energy that the evening gives you.  But as we always say, don’t diss it until you have tried it.

The evening starts with the ladies setting intentions and talking about the crystals. You energise them under the new moon, meditate and generally get in the groove. You then bring your crystals to the table where we will guide you through making your own bangle using these energised rocks. We finish off with home made pizza from the BAS gardens, a goody bag that will have you singing and a send off full of merriment. Its a fun night, and judging by the feedback from before, and the rate that the tickets sold for this Septembers New Moon, we would say that the evenings are a big hit ( just like the BIg Bang reference of before! Ha).

So we will leave you with a dreamy picture diary from our event in June and Gemma and Ella to explain what they do. Then you can make your own mind up whether to call Bullshit alla Mr McConaughey. ….


BAS : Tell us a bit about what you do? 

SH: Soulful Hearts, is a collaboration of therapists; Ella Dixon and Gemma Bennett. Formed over two years ago to create and deliver wellness workshops and events. The goal of these events is to make wellness practices easily accessible to everyone. Offering key ways to improve emotional balance, release anxiety, stress, depression and elevate the life experiences of those involved. We recognise everyone’s life can be improved by implementing positive practices. We’re keen to push passed any stigma, recognising everyone can do with support no matter what their story. The workshops are all inclusive and welcoming.


BAS: How did you get into the alternative therapies that you practice? Has practicing them changed your perspective and general outlook to life?

SH: We both came into alternative therapies because we sought to use them in our own personal lives first and found them to be a huge benefit emotionally and physically. This made us want to delve into it further and want to learn how to share this with others who knew would benefit. We live and breathe wellbeing practices and a journey of self discovery for a balanced life, so everything we practice we preach. Obviously embarking on this kind of self-discovery creates many shifts, for the better ultimately. We have both experienced huge personal growth and continue to do so.  For example, Ella used to suffer with anxiety after her daughter had an anaphylaxic reaction to nuts, the fear and worry consumed her. Ella found alternative therapies helped her immensely to relive the grip this anxiety had on her on the day to day. Gemma found alternative therapies in her early 20s. Using this healing and release to help her through issues that had surfaced in her teens. For both of us this approach had such a profound effect on the quality of our life we chose to share our discoveries.

As a duo, we found a passion in empowerment and cheerleading authenticity as a way of improving your overall life experience and wellbeing. We are calling for more authenticity in life. More genuinely empowered people who see their unique gifts and celebrate them along with the gifts of others. We believe the more a person thrives within themselves on a deep level, the more the people around them thrive too.

BAS: The magic of the moon is a hot topic at the moment, what is it about the moon that helps with our energies? What are its magical powers?

SH: The moon is fascinating. At a very primal level humans have always been in awe of the moon really and its connection to us. The moon has been affecting or moods and behaviours since the beginning of time. Once we used the light of the full moon to gather and the darkness of the new moon to retreat, these days we don’t rely on the light of the moon but our innate, intuitive and evolutionary system is still wired to follows its cycles. The moon emits a strong ‘energy’ (magic) which has the ability to amplify our emotions and cognition’s. Different stages of the moon cycle amplifies different elements of ourselves and our behaviour and ideas follows. Not to mention the link between the moon and the natural female cycle. Moon magic is all about honouring ancient rituals at different phases of the moon to bring about physical or psychological change or transformation. It’s calling upon the ancient wisdom and practices of our ancestors.

BAS: How do you feel the therapies and energies that you champion, help people’s problems and relationships?

SH:Learning to release and deal with your emotional imbalances and blocks and learning to manage unhelpful patterns of behaviour put you back in control of your life. Its easy to feel a victim when were challenged in life. Our therapies and workshops allow and encourage you take ownership and therefore release this place of the victim and instead gives you practical and effective ways of entering a more balanced internal space. Of course a happier you equates to a happier family and has a positive effect in all relationships. It starts with you. It’s liberating to embrace that.


BAS: How do you practice your own positive attitude that you teach, on your own life?

SH: Everything we offer as therapists and wellbeing event hosts we practice. We are real women who live very real lives and we aren’t in a place of zen all day everyday. However we like to recognise when we aren’t feeling our best self and take steps using our holistic tools to re balance and reset. Its consistent work, the tools need regular practice. I guess that’s why they call it wellbeing practices. We are learning all the time. It’s not about being positive all the time but it is about being authentic. Leading with love and practising gratitude is huge for both of us. It literally creates huge shifts. We also enjoy affirmations to support the mind-set we are harnessing and regular balance through mediation or a soul inspiring activity.

BAS: How can you change a person’s attitude towards your therapies and the positive theories if they aren’t into it?

SH: It’s simple, just try it. You cant really know anything until you experience it for yourself. Life is to be explored and if you allow yourself to explore holistic therapies or wellbeing practices you’ll get a better understanding on if and how it can positively affect your life. There is no one that wouldn’t benefit from a greater connection to self in whatever way that comes. The best thing to do is to release any preconceived ideas of what ‘kind’ of people partake in this kind of therapy or wellness work and understand it’s for anyone, there’s no prerequisite. We are women with similar highs and lows in life to anyone else, we’re just offering ways to restore, balance and heal so life can be enhanced but we’re not asking for a complete culture change in the process.



 BAS: What are you favourite books that inspire you in this field? Do you have any Instagram accounts that are good to follow?

Rebecca Campbell’s  – ‘light is the new black’ and  ‘rise sister rise ‘ are so empowering and often quoted at our events.

Brene Brown – ‘Daring Greatly’  life altering!

Gabrielle Bernstein is also a great author of self-help and modern spiritually aligned books.

We read a lot and were constantly learning. Although admittedly reading is slower than we’d like when balancing it with motherhood and working, but self-development is constant.

Also, look out for Gemma’s book, currently in writing but set to be launched in the next year!

BAS: What drew you towards Black and Sigi?

SH: So bold and unique. The style is just so eye-catching! We’ve both been Black and sigi fans for a few years! And whenever we wear it, we get adoring comments on it.

BAS: What are you favourite pieces?

Gemma: I love my bangles, the ones I’ve made in workshops and the ones made by Black and Sigi. I’m getting quite an impressive stack these days!

Ella: I have the most amazing ring, it’s a fave and everyone comments on it! I love it! in fact Gemma is often finding excuses to wear it I have to watch she doesn’t go home with it.

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