|| BAS Studio || Who did we name the Juno after?

A woman named Juno.

Each of our collections has a story, and the story behind the Immortal collection comes from the love of mythology of our late father. His interest in it, ended up with us being named after mythological muses and goddess’ found in Greek mythology. So, it was from here that we continued the story through our art. Often we will be inspired by a character and the collection will be designed around the story.  The Juno, however, came from slightly different inspiration. Our mother, June, often nicknamed Juno, and our biggest fan.

Juno is also the name of the Roman mythological goddess of Marriage and Childbirth. The perfect name, which not only gave a nod to our mother, but also a nod to our father!

To celebrate this years mothers day we launch the Juno in 2 new colourways – Gold on gold, and the beautiful silver on gold. We dragged our mother, our childhood friends and their mother, adorned them with all our Juno’s, and had a fun morning of laughter with the important women in our lives!

Juno Pendent /Juno Bangle  / Juno Earrings  /Juno Ring 


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