Black and Sigi was born from the idea create beautiful and inspiring handmade pieces of jewellery that could be worn by every woman so she can express her inner confidence and beauty.


March marks 5 years of BAS!


Its been an exciting 5 years full of fun times, late nights and creating a mini empire in the back garden!

We have worked through 2 babies, a #BASatical around the world and a full on house renovation. Through it all, we have emerged with the strongest team. Working with your sister isn’t so bad after all…. we even wrote a blog about that too ~ read here!

We started this venture from the kitchen table, as many small businesses do, and have slowly grown and moved to the end of the garden….. as a lot of small businesses also do! We have gone from just the 2 of us to now having a team of 6 people, and that doesn’t even include the extended team players like the accountant/ IT help and our marketing and graphic support team .

We have been on photography courses, social media training courses and also signed up to learn silver smithing all in the name of our art. We have made ourselves poor in order to buy that beautiful bead, and have put ourselves out there and met a huge amount of interesting people. Its impressive to see everyone doing their bit, and an even more amazing thing that the community is so supportive in all that we do.

We went from one small collection to now having 5 main collections, monthly workshops, and a collaboration list that has enabled us to diversify into different areas and offer bigger and better designs. Its been a great 5 years so far, so we thought it would be fun to look back at the BAS archives and look at our campaigns of the past. Hope you like going down memory lane, and here’s to another 5 years!


We wanted a goddess like vibe so chose muted colours and let Louise our model ( and the jewellery !) simply do the talking. Stacey Andrews was our photographer.
Fast forward 3 years and we needed to update our look book with our new ranges, and decided to tell the story a little differently. Each range of the Immortal collection has always been named after a mythological goddess, and represents a woman in everybodys life – From The Mother to The Warrior.
Our second seasonal collection was inspired by volcanoes. We were drawn by the colours of the Labradorite and orange crystals. Our model was Marie, and is a family friend that we roped into helping!
Floralia was named after the flower festival in mythology. We took inspiration from flowers and their colours to create this colour pop collection.
Naomi was a real sport as we made her sit in this bath for 2 hours!! We know Naomi from our school days so again asked her to help us out. By the end of it she was as wrinkly as a prune. We got so many good shots though so totally worth it.
Photographer : Stacey Andrews
For our winter collection we wanted go dark and sultry so chose darker shades of greys and black. We used smoky crystal quartz, black porcelain beads and gorgeous crystal quartz and named the collection after the Goddess of the night.
Tonya the model was a friend we used to work with when we were 16. We both worked in an accountant and had the best time, even though we were shunned to the basement to file!
Photographer : Charlotte Green Photography
Inspired by the colours we saw in a sunset one day, we wanted powedry blues, peachy oranges and pinky/purple cloud like beads to represent the collection.
Our model was a student that our cousin ( also the photographer) used to teach ballet too. Imogen was a contestant on Britain’s Next Top Model so it was a great privilege to have her on board for this collection .
Photographer : Charlotte Green Photography
We had a foray in growing our own vegetables, and as a result felt inspired by it! Although the good life didn’t last long, the collection was full of bright reds, purples and greens.
Photographer : Stacey Andrews Photography
In 2019 we decide to scrap the seasonal collections and we concentrated on growing our Immortal collections and collaborations.
Our Enigma collections is still available and is an introduction to using our luxury wires. We created this collection with the idea to make the present giving a little more interactive. Each bracelet is unique as you can create your own word spelt out using our colour alphabet.
Check it out here!
Our model is friend and eyebrow queen Sarah Nice.
Photographer : Clio
Our collaboration with Emily Brooks has been our most up to date collection, and one that has proven VERy popular with you all. This collaboration was born from sisterhood, community and COLOUR. Each piece you receive will come wih a bespoke illustration created by artist and illustrator Emily brooks and inspired by Dolly Parton. Sjop the collection here