Black and Sigi was born from the idea create beautiful and inspiring handmade pieces of jewellery that could be worn by every woman so she can express her inner confidence and beauty.


This is one of the questions Keri Jarvis, mindset coach and lilac loving BAS Human will challenge you to.  She will challenge the way you look at things, the way you react to things and the way you will look at yourself. Its bloody refreshing, and rather anxiety inducing shit. BUT, just by following Keri, it inspires us to think of these things, and think outside the box!

She is our Human of the month, not only because we love her lilac hair, but because she is a great champion of small local business, creativity and a bit of self care. So it is no wonder that her fave BAS piece was the bangle that she created at our super successful New Moon/Pizza/ Bangle workshop in summer 2019.  A collaboration we created with Soulful Hearts Gemma and Ella. Guided under the new moon, the ladies chose 3 meaningful crystals to use and charge ready to be created into a very powerful bangle. Topped off with hand made pizza cooked in the BAS pizza oven, you can now understand why these workshops are sellouts within 5 hours! Keep posted for future New moon workshops by signing up to our newsletter, or go and check out the full range of workshops we have announced all the way to July 2020.

This is what Keri had to say about the evening :

‘It was SUCH a dreamy evening. I came away feeling nourished, inspired and connected.

It’s a great opportunity to channel some creativity, to make something that actually strongly resembles one of Black & Sigi’s beautiful pieces, and every time I wear my bangle I’m reminded of what a gorgeous time we had. If I take myself back, I can still hear Gemma and Ella singing, and I like it. 

One of these sessions would make an amazing gift for a friend’s birthday, or for Mother’s Day, so that you could enjoy it together. The food was incredible too. 

Even if it cost twice as much, it would still be a very fair price for the experience. (Get yourself booked into one before I persuade Clio to increase it!). Such a luxurious event. ‘

Keri has some inspiring events going on this year so go and check out her retreats in Essex, and we are super happy to be sponsoring her small business networking event she is organising on March 20th in Leigh on Sea. Follow her at @Keri_l_jarvis  

for full details on the event. The best part…… you will get one of our BAS bangles in your goodie bags…. worth it just for the bangle and the chat don’t you think?

Photography by the hilarious and talented Petra – Photography By Petra