Spring Charm Campaign Shoot

Styling and Direction – Black and Sigi

Model Sarah Nice

Photography Mia Davies Photography



Over the years we have collected many treasures. Worshiping shinny things we are drawn to stones and gems, even calling out for your unwanted jewels to re-imagine.   With heads forever full of mythological tales, and inspired by our Humans’ love of collecting BAS, we have used our trove of goodies to create a new way to wear Black and Sigi.   Embracing all that has been before and celebrating what is yet to come, we present ‘Calling La Sirena – The Charm Collection’.   Choose from a selection of different chains and add charms from all our previous collections; including swirls of neptune, semi-precious stones, unique BAS Revival pieces and wire wrapped letters and numerals.   Collect your gems slowly or gather all at once….Adorn your self with charms and treasures to create your own story and become a BAS siren, enchanter of the sea