Black and Sigi was born from the idea create beautiful and inspiring handmade pieces of jewellery that could be worn by every woman so she can express her inner confidence and beauty.

Examples of successful siblings can be seen from sport to business everywhere – The rivalry of the Williamson sisters with natural sibling competitiveness has only spurred them on to continuosuly be winners and it can be said that the Hemsley sister duo has grown from success to success based on their honest family relationship.

It’s not difficult to see why either the unconditional love, the fierce loyalty you have for your family and the naturally competitive nature of siblings is the perfect mix to create a solid long term relationship in business ( after all you have known each other the longest out of everyone!). Take us, the Sigismondi sister duo, having self taught our skills from a pair of plyers, an old inspired college art project and some wire on the kitchen table in our home town of Leigh on Sea, the business relationship started from the continuous encouragement of one sister to another, something that would otherwise have been annoying in any other relationship, but can only be tollerated truly between sibblings.
It is the shared passion and vision of our ‘Kitchen table hobby’, and the belief in what we were creating that makes BAS a successful lifestyle brand that it is today.

Here are our 5 reasons why working with your sister can create your ultimate dream team :



Let’s be honest, even with your closest buddy or work colleague you still have to maintain a certain level of restrain when sharing your opinions. Not so with your sister! You can tell it how it is, black and white – the usual professional boundaries aren’t there when you are talking to your sibling. We have the ability to get shiz done quickly, talk ideas through candidly, and get over any disgreements we have pretty quickly.


We are the same but not. And it is the different strengths that we have that make the relationship a success. Of course, we overlap on a lot of aspects of the business but it is the natural roles that we have taken over the last couple of years that have created a super transparent and efficient relationship. Athena tends to be on the creative and manufacturing side and https://blackandsigi.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Statement-Earrings-Christmas-Stylings-64-of-124-4-3.jpg on the marketing and business side – without each other the ship wouldn’t float! We know what we are good at and we ride with that!


The trust that takes years to build is already there. It’s already programmed so we know that we have each others back in every situation. It’s for this reason that there is more confidence in each other’s decision making as you know that your sister would never let you fall.


This comes in different forms and in this case can only be a positive. A little competitiveness to create the most pieces or to create a best seller never hurt anyone and can only stand to encourage each other to be, and to create the best you can!


The very thing that bonds you as sisters is that you know each other like no one else. It is this very super power that can trump all the other entreperneurial duo’s out there. You know what each other are thinking by just one look, you know when to be reigned in or pulled up, and it is this communication power that ultimately is your goal to efficiency and transparency in business.


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