BAS Revival Horn Earrings

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20% of sales goes to Gold Geese Charity


Product Description

The BAS REvival scheme was created to help reduce waste by donating unwanted, broken jewellery  so that we can could re invent, revive and breath new life into each piece.

Each BAS Revival piecce is completely unique, and often there is only 1 piece ever made the same way. Its a win win situation, landfill is reduced, the life of the jewellery is prolonged, its a charitable and conscious way of shopping, and if you donated the jewellery you received a BAS voucher as a massive thank you!

With every sale of the BAS revival scheme we will donate 20% of the sale to our nominated local charity Gold Geese  . T charity support children and their families who are suffering from cancer and help them through the turbulent times by offering support and compassion. Read more for a full low down on the good work the charity do ->

These horn earrings started their life as abroken pair of hoop earrings that had broken and the ear pieces had snapped off. They sat unloved in our BAS Humans jewellery box and were gathering dust. We cleaned  them up, added some signature BAS wrap and a sandblasted quartz beads and created a brand new pair of earrings!

If you would like to donate your broken costume jewellery, please email for a BAS REvival form. 

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