Black and Sigi was born from the idea create beautiful and inspiring handmade pieces of jewellery that could be worn by every woman so she can express her inner confidence and beauty.


Spring Charm Campaign Shoot Styling and Direction – Black and Sigi Model Sarah Nice Photography Mia Davies Photography     Over the years we have collected many treasures. Worshiping shinny things we are drawn to stones and gems, even calling out for your unwanted jewels to re-imagine.   With heads forever full of mythological tales, […]

Connect and Create with the BAS Friendship Bracelet

It’s no surprise that we at BAS believe in the feel good powers of a statement piece of jewellery. But we found so much more than a sparkly distraction when we created our friendship bracelet kits. The concept is simple – it’s a little ribbon of sass and fun. But it’s also so much more, […]


// The Sisters Behind The Brand // Black and Sigi was created in 2015 when our interest in creating wire wrapped jewellery went from a creative passion to a small business, and this was only possible from all you BAS Humans – friends and family who kicked it all off by supporting us. We are […]


// Let’s STAY HOME // / Corona Virus Escapism The BAS way / No two ways about it, life’s about to change and as we begin this strange new era of staying indoors we got to thinking of the activities we plan for Corona Virus escapism. Then we realised that you, our BAS Humans, might […]

|| BAS Life || Could this be the most genius gift out there ?

Gain Brownie Points This Valentines. Literally…. A cross between a delicious chocolatey brownie, a beautifully decorated cup cake and a delicious and a fun interactive golden ticket of sorts. We bring you the BrowniPOP.  The brainchild of Clio at Black and Sigi and Jemma from Wilmas bakery in Leigh on Sea, the BrowniPop was born […]

|| BAS LIFE || Why does the Modern Woman Wear Jewellery

Sparkling, statement, costume or precious, jewellery has the power to be a true icon. Meaning so much, in so many different ways, see why the modern BAS Human is wearing jewellery… Adorning ourselves with treasures is nothing new, cavemen decorated themselves with bones and feathers and the Egyptians valued shiny metals and stones. Historically it’s […]

|| BAS LIFE || 4 Ingredients to A Happy You, according to Black and Sigi

Self-Care is definitely a buzz word at the moment, and one we really believe in. It’s a recognised fact that allowing yourself a little time to do something you enjoy, is good for you. Regularly escaping the grind of the daily routine for a couple of hours to spend an evening with friends or take part […]

|| BAS STUDIO || What are our wires made of?

Here at BAS HQ we have built our designs on affordable, contemporary  costume jewellery using plated copper wires. We use a 9ct golf plate and a 10% sterling silver filled wires for the main part of our designs.  There is a slightly thicker plating on the silver, but this explains the reason why  our prices […]