Black and Sigi was born from the idea create beautiful and inspiring handmade pieces of jewellery that could be worn by every woman so she can express her inner confidence and beauty.

In a world where attitudes are changing about the slow fashion movement, and with people standing up and making an effort to make a difference, we sat and had a fun morning with Jade from Not Buying New. We talked all about her journey creating seasonal capsule wardrobes with items that have NOT been bought brand new ( or at least in the last year).

Infact, we took this opportunity to get help on packing for our Italian jaunt to the motherland in June. We are going for 4 days, and want to consciously pack a capsule wardrobe, and where possible not buy anything new……putting it out there – where possible, because we have bought 1 item new already ( great start) ! In our defence we bought it last month before we met up with Jade so are taking that as our last purchase. Gulp.

Soooooo, here is what we chatted about over a nice cup of tea ( from some very funky 60’s cups bought at a boot sale – Not buying new goes all the way!):

Why did you start ‘Not Buying New’?
J: My buying habits were out of control. After two pregnancies I’d lost my way. I was browsing online almost every night, buying heaps of fast fashion and I felt like nothing suited me. I didn’t really know how to dress anymore. I had clothes bursting out of wardrobes, packed away in suitcases and stuffed under beds ( even my children’s beds!). I knew it had to stop, but I couldn’t. I felt increasingly guilty about money and waste but it took me over a year to quit buying. Eventually I stopped buying in the summer of 2018 and because it was so hard, I decided to document it on Instagram – which started in the October.

Where do you shop?
J: I don’t shop often . I love my local charity shops near my home and occasionally I buy something specific on Ebay (Secondhand, of course). But, for the most part, I don’t really shop anywhere much anymore. I did get a little bit addicted to the thrill of the hunt in charity shops, and I felt that was replicating some of my old fast-fashion-buying behaviours so I really limited that too. I tend to go in with a list, try on, think carefully about where it would sit in my capsule wardrobe etc. So most of the time, I leave with nothing. I don’t want anyone to be put off by this though!I’m almost a year down the line so I’ve changed my habits slowly. Starting with charity shopping only is a huge first step, the rest ( like owning less, hardly shopping at all) can follow later.

When did you start?
J: I haven’t bought anything new since July 2018. I can’t believe I’m actually writing that! It feels monumental. I started @notbuyingnew in October but did’t tell anyone I knew for ages. Even my husband didn’t know for the first week! I was a bit embarrassed to admit I was taking photographs of myself everyday – I didn’t want people to think I was a wannabe fashionista  –  I knew my clothes were very average. But when I had enough content to explain what I was doing, and enough strangers following me, I had the confidence to tell people about my Instagram page.

Favourite BAS piece?
J: I love the earrings so much. Looking back at the photographs, I can see that they are so good for a capsule wardrobe. They make a statement but they work so well with day and night styling. I find earrings really easy to wear and find they tend to add that little extra polish to an outfit.

What’s next?
J: I really enjoyed our live interview and i’d like to be part of more discussions. I really enjoy attending events and listening to other people’s visions about the direction of sustainable and ethical fashion. I’ve got some exciting experiments lined up because I’m finding more and more ways to dress sustain-ably. This was never meant to be a year of no shopping, or something that had an end date. It’s a lifestyle change and I’m excited to see how it develops. 

Here are Jades’ TOP TIPS on packing a capsule wardrobe when going on holiday:


Teamed with the BAS Aphrodite mini Necklace in Silver | Aphrodite Bangle SIlver | Hayley Bangle



Teamed up with BAS REVIVAL Mermaid necklace | Gold Aphrodite Bangle | Limited edition BAS Cuff ( N/a)



Teamed with BAS REVIVAL Earrings | BAS REVIVAL Mermaid Necklace | Gold Aphrodite Bangle | Limited Edition Cuff | BAS REVIVAL statement bangle


Teamed with BAS REVIVAL Earrings



Teamed with Gold and SIlver Aphrodite Bangle | BAS REVIVAL Mermaid Necklace


 Teamed up with Silver Aphrodite Mini Necklace

We hope that has inspired you. Please keep checking all our BAS Revival pieces for more designs as and when they are made. Lots of changing stock every month as more and more jewels are donated!

Keep following Jade on her journey, and you are as inspired by her journey as we have been!


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